Item Graph

An item graph is a function graph, whose logic type is an item.

Instead of storing a single function in each node of the graph, each logic type is a collection of well-defined functions adhering to the Item trait.

Combining these concepts contributes to the strategy's outcomes, by enabling the framework to address common issues in each input dimension.

let graph = {
    let mut graph_builder = ItemGraphBuilder::<XError>::new();
    let [id_1, id_2, id_3, id_4] = graph_builder.add_fns([
        Item2::new(/* .. */).into(),
        (id_1, id_3),
        (id_2, id_3),
        (id_2, id_4),

The remainder of this section explains how using these concepts together allows sensible user facing commands to be created. Available commands are documented in the reference.