Div Diag

Attempt at using dot_ix to generate a diagram using the same InfoGraph input model.


  1. Consistent layout.
  2. Rendering arrows between nodes.
  3. Styling nodes.
  4. Styling arrows.
  5. Consistent styling input with the DotSvg component.
  6. Rendered SVG so that it can be uploaded as attachments and rendered inline, e.g. GitHub comments, mdbook.



  • A: Layout.
  • B: Arrows.
  • C: Styling.

🟢 A1: Flexbox + HTML to SVG Translation

  1. HTML elements with Flexbox, easy to integrate rendered Markdown
  2. Translate HTML to SVG.

🔴 A2: Render SVG directly

  1. Need to implement layout algorithm that a browser already does.

    e.g. Flexbox, or somehow computer width/height with font metrics, unicode widths, potentially images.

🟡 B1: Arrow Overlay

  1. Separately draw arrows as SVG over the laid out diagram as an overlay layer.
  2. Redraw arrows when layout changes.

🟢 B2: Draw Arrows Inline

  1. Layout diagram.
  2. Convert to SVG.
  3. Draw arrows within the SVG.

🟡 C1: CSS Utility Classes, e.g. TailwindCSS

  1. Take class names directly from consumer / user.
  2. Apply those to the HTML / SVG elements.

Requires element structure to be stable, and consumers to know the structure.

🟢 C2: CSS Utility Classes Keyed

  1. Take in colours and border styles etc.
  2. Prefix these with the appropriate structure, e.g. [>path]:, hover:, etc.
  3. Apply these to the HTML / SVG elements.

Provides a stabler interface for users, and less knowledge of internals needed. Also a bit more freedom for maintainers.

Existing Tech


  • dom-to-svg: Typescript. Still need to try this.
  • vertopal: Python. Still need to try this.
  • ⚪ Build one, with a cut down version of the diagram.

Online tools have not been able to produce an accurate SVG rendering.

Drawing Arrows

  • 🟡 leader-line: Generates SVG arrows, with good configuration options. Out of the box, the SVG structure is not suitable for TailwindCSS classes.
  • 🟡 Modify leader-line: Restructure the elements in the SVG, and add classes.
  • ⚪ Build one, so that the elements are structured to match graphviz, and have classes added.