Endpoints and Interaction


For a web UI, we want:

  1. A way to invoke *Cmds -- invoke and return an ID.
  2. Command invocation request is idempotent / does not initiate another invocation when one is in progress.
  3. A way to interrupt CmdExecutions -- get the Sender<InterruptSignal> by execution ID, send.
  4. A way to pull progress from the client -- close / reopen tab, send URL to another person.
  5. A way to push progress to the client -- for efficiency. web sockets?
  6. For both a local and shared server, a way to open a particular env/Flow/CmdExecution by default.
  7. For a shared server, a way to list CmdExecutions.
  8. For a local server, to automatically use different ports when running executions in different projects.


WebRefers to server side execution, not client side WASM.