Shell Script


curl --fail \
  -o "${file_path}" \
  --location \

aws s3api create-bucket \
  --bucket "${bucket_name}" \
  --acl private \
  --create-bucket-configuration LocationConstraint=ap-southeast-2 |
  bat -l json

aws s3api put-object \
  --bucket "${bucket_name}" \
  --key "${object_key}" \
  --body "${file_path}" |
  bat -l json
aws s3api delete-object \
  --bucket "${bucket_name}" \
  --key "${object_key}" |
  bat -l json

aws s3api delete-bucket --bucket "${bucket_name}" | bat -l json

rm -f "${file_path}"

What does automation look like, from the perspective of an automation tool developer, or a workflow designer.

  • Clarity between concept and code.
  • Easy to write.
  • Fast feedback when developing automation.
  • Provide good UX without needing to write UI code.

Command Context

At the bottom of every page, we will be building up a cmd_context, which holds the information about a workflow. Different commands can be invoked with the cmd_context to gather information about the workflow.

let mut cmd_context = CmdContext::builder()
    /* ?? */

StatusCmd(&mut cmd_context).await?;
DeployCmd(&mut cmd_context).await?;