State Read and Display

This is like git show.

This kind of command is intended to display state that has previously been discovered.

Suitable scopes for this command are:

  • SingleProfileSingleFlow: For reading state for one profile.
  • MultiProfileSingleFlow: For reading state for multiple profiles.

Command Creation

To create this command:

  1. When building the command context:

    • Provide the profile.
    • Provide the flow ID.
  2. Call one of the state read commands depending on the intended use:

    These will store the discovered states under the corresponding $profile/$flow_id directory as states_current.yaml or states_goal.yaml.

    • StatesCurrentReadCmd: For current states to be discovered.
    • StatesGoalReadCmd: For goal states to be discovered.
  3. Call the relevant state display command(s):

    • StatesCurrentStoredDisplayCmd: For current states to be displayed.
    • StatesGoalDisplayCmd: For goal states to be displayed.